• Cutting Edge ART + Eco Village Design
  • Hands-On Playshops with Top Natural Builders
  • Demos by Top Eco-Architects & Designers
  • Presentations by Inspirational Speakers
  • Creation of an Eco ART Garden
  • Gathering Tribes of Artists & Builders
  • Rebuilding and Revitalizing the Camp Site
  • People who make a difference
  • Eco Artists * Permaculturists
  • GREAT Musicians & Performers
  • Friends, Kindred Spirits, People of All Ages
  • Environmental Activists & Educators
  • Ecological Systems Inventors
  • And…. YOU!
  • This is an URGENT Event!
  • $75 for 3 FULL Days/Nights Includes Camping!
  • Learn to live in Balance with Nature
  • Share your Art – Share your Talents!
  • Experience Dark Green Technologies
  • Help Build Beautifully - Re-birth the Site!
  • Play in the Mud!  Play in the Spray!
  • Honor The Goddess of Life!
  • Have FUN Dancing the Patterns of Nature!
  • Support the Development of Eco Settlements
  • Be Showered with Possibilities!
The Water Woman Festival is an interactive ART and Ecological Experience featuring Eco-Artists, Green-Architects, Top Natural Builders, Permaculture Designers, Inspirational Eco-Leaders, Soulful Musicians and Sustainable Lifestyle Visionaries. How CAN we build art spaces and eco villages of our dreams and bring fun and easy things home to make living more beautiful and sustainable?. Come and See!

Mars is coming close to Earth. Hold on.

Rusty Mon says, On Aug. 26, 2003, when Mars was closer to Earth than it had been in many millenia, Mars was just a star-like point of light in the night sky. Mars will make another close approach to Earth Jan. 29, 2010, and will be only 61.7 million miles from Earth, closer than it [...]

Water Woman Project Continues – November 7-8

The Water Woman Project continues! November 7 & 8 Joshua Tree Lake Campground Cobbing, Drumming, Permaculture & Community Building People came from far and wide to share the essential information and skills for living in harmony with Nature at the Water Woman Festival last month–AND a lot of people wanted to know when we were [...]

Permaculture – making barren lands Beautiful

Making barren lands bountiful http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/10/07/going.green.lawton.permaculture/ * Geoff Lawton is using renewable natural resources to enrich ecosystems * Permaculture can turn the most arid, nutrient-free soil into thriving habitats * Lawton’s friend and mentor, Bill Mollison developed the technique in the 1970s